Plays by S. A. Shipley 

Written by S.A. Shipley


Genre:  Erotic Thriller


LOG LINE --  Detective Max Lenart’s a damn fine detective, but he’s losing his touch and his job’s at risk.  Grief over his wife’s death makes him take risks that put him in unusual danger.  He’s been warned - once more over the line and he’s on permanent vacation.  The investigation of the attempted murder of Aphra Gold is his last chance to stay on the force.  He’s an unmovable object about to confront an irresistible force.

            Aphra Gold, a “hot” strip dancer, never walks on the safe side.  She considers herself an independent contractor, with the emphasis on independent.  She beautiful, flashy and likes the money, the life, the freedom.  But the assault forces her to take another look at the reality she lives.  Or lose it all.



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